Review the inspectors' comments instantly

Watch a slideshow of photos from areas in your new home as they are taken by your inspector.

Most home inspections take 3-4 hours to complete and you're given a 50-60 page report to review. This can be overwhelming for many home buyers and their agents who want to know what's right or wrong with the home and are required to read and understand the full document. Don't sit up and wonder what's going on at the home inspection you paid for.

Inspectacular receives all the comments and photos from your inspector as they're added to his/her inspection tablet computer. Whether you're at the new home or not, you'll know what's going on and what your inspector is finding good or bad. Sit back and view a slideshow of issues found at the time they are found.


Mark the items you'd like to review with your inspector

Build a summary or repair list of issues that are important to you that you'd possibly want the seller to fix before you move in.

Agents, with Inspectacular, you'll no longer need to disturb or rush your home inspector to get information. Once they know, you'll know. Not 4 hours later or the next day when the report comes.


Inspectacular costs you nothing

Just make sure your inspector uses the Spectacular Inspection System to inspect your new home. This is the only way Inspectacular can work for you.

Spectacular Inspection System is the best home inspection software available for home inspectors.


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